Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring Paris Trip

Paris is one of my favourite places and it's been far too long since I last went so decided it was time to book another trip.  Last time, we did all the usual touristy things so for this trip I wanted to explore some of the less known areas. We stayed in the Latin Quarter area which was lovely, full of old cafes, restaurants and boulangeries. Apparently it's where the Woody Allen film 'Midnight in Paris' was filmed, love that film, anyway, it's also near Jardin du Luxembourg which is a fab place to relax and people watch. There were so many more cafes, galleries and museums to see than I thought. The Musee de l'Orangerie was a first for me and it was breathtaking seeing Monet's Waterlilies, will definitely go back there. Also loved seeing the modern art at the Pompidou centre, there was a Salvador Dali exhibition on but that was a 3 hour queue so even though I would have really of liked to see it, I didn't fancy wasting valuable time queuing! I didn't visit Montmartre this time round but I did miss it so will have to pay it a visit next time Paris and I meet again.

Here are some of my photos ...enjoy :) the Eiffel Tower..
A few of the Louvre:

And Notre Dame:

We also booked a Macaron baking course through  La Cuisine, Paris which was fun, will definitely try one of their other classes next time. Can't wait to return to explore more of this beautiful city. I'd so love to live there... I'll just keep dreaming :)